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Green list

Sweden and Germany to be added to travel green list
  • Sweden and Germany to be added to travel green list
  • Travel green list: Germany, Poland and Sweden expected to be added to list
  • Government will 'broadly support' new EU approach to air travel as Green List set to be updated on Monday
  • Travel green list to be updated before being scrapped in October
  • Govt to join new EU 'traffic light' travel list system
  • 'There is no way I would go' - Irishman in Malta cancels trip home as two weddings put off
  • Government Removes Five Countries From Travel 'Green List'
  • Irishman in Malta not surprised by green list change
  • Irishman in Malta postpones trip to Dublin after green list cut
  • Irishman in Malta, due to fly today, postpones visit after green list cut
  • Coronavirus in Ireland – Government removes five countries from safe to travel ‘green list’, Taoiseach confi
  • Green list changes pointless says travel association
  • Ireland removes Gib from Covid-19 'green list', but no practical impact
  • 'Green list' should be extended, says infectious diseases expert
  • Green List: Row has left some wondering if this Coalition will survive
  • Coronavirus: Ireland's travel 'green list' is revealed - and the UK isn't on it
  • Green List: Row has left some wondering about sustainability of the Coalition
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  • Green list Q&A: What has changed, where can I go, and who can come here?
  • Green list published but advice is to 'holiday at home'