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12 days ago
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Simon Cowell was left fighting back tears as he revealed the 'hardest thing that ever happened' to him.

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The music mogul has opened up about the heartbreak of losing both his parents. 

His dad Eric died in 1999, while his mum Julie passed away 16 years later in 2015. 

Now, Simon has bravely opened up about the devastation of losing his parents. 

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Speaking to Steven Barlett on The Diary of a CEO, the X Factor judge said it was "the most devastating thing that ever happened" in his life. 

He explained: "It was as bad as things could possibly be.

"We just had the most amazing relationship."

Simon continued: "Having gone through – which was, now question, losing both my parents was the hardest thing that ever happened to me.

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"I can sit here honestly – everyone says, when you lose them, in time it’ll get better. You think, no it won’t.

"The truth is, it does, as long as you believe, and you have to believe that their presence is still there with you.

"And erm, oh gosh… you have to give me a minute."

The music manager said his parents were his "best friends" and he could talk about anything with them, describing their relationship as "pure love". 

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