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Coronation Street fans were left shocked on Monday night over a huge Tracy Barlow bombshell as the iconic character revealed she was leaving the cobbles for Spain

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Corrie: Tracy says she's leaving with Tommy after finding out Steve lied to her

Coronation Street fans were left shocked on Monday night over a huge Tracy Barlow bombshell.

During the latest episode, Tracy decided she wanted to head to follow her lover Tommy Orpington in Spain after their shock affair was exposed to the cobbles recently.

At the start of the episode, Tracy got back together with estranged husband Steve McDonald, who has been left devastated over the affair, as she felt they could make things work.

However, in true soap style, Tracy later learned that Steve had burned the note that Tommy had left for her, telling her about the move to Spain, and decided that she was going to follow her lover to be with him in Europe and leave Steve for good.

Spoilers have confirmed that Tracy will appear in Tuesday night's episode - which has moved from its usual Wednesday slot - when Ken decides he wants to plan a farewell gathering for Tracy. She arrives to the house for her things and tells Ken, Amy and Daniel that she will miss them as she makes her plans to be with Tommy in Spain.

Coronation Street fans were left shocked on Monday night over a huge Tracy Barlow bombshell (



When Ken suggests they head to the Rovers for one last drink, the three of them toast to Tracy's new start. Meanwhile, Steve, who is sat nearby is clearly struggling as he hides in his newspaper, leaving daughter Amy feeling concerned for him.

It is not known whether Tracy (Kate Ford) will make a return to the soap anytime soon but she is not mentioned in any spoilers for the rest of this week. It will be a huge exit for the soap, given Tracy has been a staple on the soap for 47 years with Kate playing the role since 2002.

Viewers have been left stunned over Tracy's bombshell and questioning whether the character will actually leave. Taking to Twitter, now X, some fans think they have figured out Tracy's future thanks to a clue.

Soap watchers pointed out that Tracy has her flower shop business, which could play a part in her returning in the future if she does actually leave the cobbles. However, the shop will be in safe hands during her absence thanks to co-worker Mary Taylor.

Taking to Twitter, now X, one person said: "What’s gonna happen with the flower shop then? #corrie", a different account put: "Tracy is just leaving her florist business? Does Mary own part of it then? #Corrie" while another added: "So Tracy seems to have forgotten she owns a florist….#corrie."

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