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Value-added tax

EU estimates Irish Vat gap at €1.7bn
  • EU estimates Irish Vat gap at €1.7bn
  • July Stimulus Package: Taoiseach announces €5.2bn economic package, with VAT cut from 23pc to 21pc and help-to-buy scheme expanded
  • Tax cuts, grants and loans to help businesses and consumers
  • KPMG recommends zero-rate VAT for certain businesses to help boost economy
  • Holy smoke! Church candle supplier is hit with €400k VAT bill
  • VAT returns could fall by €6.7bn due to COVID-19, ESRI says
  • VAT returns may fall by up to €6.7bn due to coronavirus - ESRI
  • Corporation tax could overtake Vat as spending plunges
  • Higher VAT 'could shut restaurants in Republic'
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